The Perfect App For Your Event!
As a young recently married couple, we know what
it's like to deal with wedding invitations and RSVPs.
We decided to come up with a better, easier way.
After a night of brainstorming between a designer and programmer, we came up with Gam-Ba.
Gam-Ba is an application for iPhones, iPads, Androids, or any mobile device that allows guests to easily RSVP to a wedding invitation.
You start by scanning the QR code on the invitation, or by receiving a link by email. From there, guests can RSVP, and the wedding party can confirm how many people will show up, and whether they are from the bride or groom's side.
A confirmation RSVP will be sent right to your email.

In addition, each guest that uses the app, can see the wedding invitation. Furthermore, a map to the venue will be available to navigate the user from their current location to the location of the venue.
You are getting real-time information
Your guests are getting an interactive experience
The Way It Works
Scan the QR code on the invitation
Fill in your details
Navigate your way to the event
Scan a QR code
Fill in your details
Navigate to the event
Know someone who's getting married?
Send them a message!
Invitation Design and App

Black or white?
Classic or funny?
You're welcome to take a look on
invitation samples, or ask for your own.

It doesn't matter which one you'd pick,
we'll design the app specially for YOU
and customized to your invitation
so every guest will be certain that
this is your wedding!

The app's look & feel is customized to your invitation